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stjerm Moves to GitHub

Posted on 21 Apr 2013

stjerm started out being hosted on, and I moved it over to Google Code Hosting shortly after taking over the project. That was quite awhile ago, and since then, git, and the git hosting platform GitHub, have become quite awesome. GitHub has an intuitive, beautiful user interface, with fantastic issue tracking, merge requests and overall repository browsing and viewing. Git itself has extremely fast and simple branching built it, as well as just about any other feature Subversion has, but done better.

Because of these reasons, I have moved the stjerm project from Google Code to GitHub. You can find it here: Feel free to check it out, submit bugs/features or fork it and do a merge request of your own features!


The Clean Architecture in PHP

I've written a book on the Clean Architecture in PHP, which covers how to cleanly organize and decouple your code in a way that prepares it to survive and be easy to maintain for the long term.

Check it out!