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Why I Want to Strip DRM From eBooks

Posted on 21 Sep 2012

I have purchased several books from Amazon for reading on the Kindle app on my Android Tablet and Smartphone. I’m still old fashioned in that I enjoy holding a physical book in my hands while reading it, but my growing bookshelf clogged with books I’ll likely never read again have me rethinking it. So I’ve purchased a few books and graphic novels, and have read a few older public domain works. But I have a problem with the system.

The DRM is a problem. I understand piracy is also a problem, but we don’t ban steak knives just because they can also be used as murder weapons.

Today as I was searching for a means to strip my Kindle books of DRM, I found several resources with comments blasting the author with piracy claims. One comment even said:

I have no problem with stripping DRM for fair-use purposes. My point is no one is going to use this to take a Kindle book they bought and put it on a Nook, they’re going to use this to pirate Kindle content.

Bullshit. I want control over my content. Is it that hard to believe that I would someday buy a Nook to replace my Kindle and want to read my Kindle books on said Nook?

I have no interest in pirating it. I buy my music, my movies, my books and software. I am a working, responsible adult. And fuck you for claiming the only reason I would want control over my belongings is because I pirated them.


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