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Is Ubuntu Getting Lazy?

Posted on 07 Jul 2012

After spending a year and half in a hell called MacBook, I’m finally back on Ubuntu, and couldn’t be happier about that fact. I installed Ubuntu 12.04. Since this version is a LTS, I figured it would be a pretty stable build, especially since Ubuntu seems to take their time slipping new versions of software into their repositories anyway. I thought this was because they wanted to make sure everything was thoroughly tested. But after running into a kludge of issues, I’m wondering if it’s just because their slow.

What I’ve run into so far:

Yes. I know. I only listed three issues. But I’ve only been using Ubuntu 12.04 for a couple days. Who knows what else I’m going to find? The big kicker here is these bugs are 2-3 months old, and some of them are listed as importance low. Alt+Tab not working is importance low? Do you understand how utterly fucking difficult it can be to work without Alt+Tab after relying on it since you quit the pacifier?

This is exactly what people talk about when they bitch that Linux is too raw, too breakable and too error prone to gain widespread adoption. My mother doesn’t want to have to use hacks, scripts or recompile software just to get it to work. When has something as simple and core as Alt+Fucking+Tab stopped working on Windows? It probably hasn’t. Because the developers would have noticed instantly.

This is sad. And I hope it isn’t a sign of things to come with Ubuntu.


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